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CuvéeLe Tournon

Les parcellaires




3 g/l

Brand expedition liqueur

Intense⎟ Fresh⎟ Delicious

Second Cuvée of the estate to complete the “parcellaires” collection, Le Tournon is a 100% Meunier, made from a blend of the harvests of the 2015, 2016 and 2017 harvests of the “Le Tournon” parcel. Established on the terroir of Verneuil, this vineyard is at the top of the hill and overlooks the village. Surface: 31 ares 20, exposed to the east, with a weak slope. Aged 48, this old vine was planted in 1973 with a 41B rootstock on clay-limestone soil.

Coordonées GPS de la parcelle : 49.102168N 3.660233E

Extra-brut expedition liquor dosage 3 g / L.

Production: 2,000 bottles. Launch at the end of 2021 or in spring 2022.

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